I’m Eileen Head.

I am an Intuitive, Transformational Coach who is passionate about helping people with their relationship and life struggles to lead a happier life!

Thanks for dropping by my website. If you are looking for answers to the Life You Desire...you have come to the right place! Life is a Journey and yours to create.

I do that by helping you to raise your energetic vibration and allowing you to manifest a more positive life by releasing blocks, healing limiting beliefs and patterns that are sabotaging you.

Understanding yourself…through your personality…how you think, feel, act, react, what you need emotionally to feel loved and appreciated, what you need from a partner, what they need from you, what natural talents you have for a rewarding career…. will create confidence and raise your self esteem…and SHIFT all your situations, 

Women and men, couples and singles, hire me to Find or Reconnect to deeply intimate, meaningful relationships because…at times they feel trapped, unloved, and powerless to change their situation.

I assist you to Open Your Heart which many of us have shut down from past experiences, to release and heal old patterns  so that you can Get More Love.

When you understand what YOU need to feel loved…you will then be to communicate your needs…and when you understand what your partner also needs to feel loved, you will then be able to respond in a loving way.

To Change The Patterns Of Your Life…you need a mentor who will walk beside you, bring insights, and help you Shift old patterns that sabotage you.

To Change Your Life…Whether you are single or in a relationshipYOU…must be willing to be open to explore all the parts of yourself and how to Become Your Best Self.  

Figure out Yourself….Figure out your relationships…

and you will Figure out your life…to create Lasting Love and Live The Life You Desire

Eileen has expertise in many healing modalities, some of which are: Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personality Expert, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapy, BodyTalk, Energetic Healing, etc. She has studied under Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul) Self Esteem Facilitation,  Law of Attraction, Vibrational Energy and many, many courses and is continually studying.

Eileen is a best selling author and co-author in a number of books.

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If you are ready to:

  • Release all the old “stuff” that is holding you back from getting the life you are meant to have
  • Repair a frazzled relationship and rediscover the intimacy and connection you thought was long lost
  • Attract into your life someone who you can form a meaningful and long-term relationship with
  • Tell your partner exactly what you need to have in order to feel understood…and have them reciprocate
  • Discover and embrace what truly makes you valuable and worthy of love
  • Form deeper relationships with your parents, children, co-workers, boss, or anyone else
Contact Eileen to create the Life You Desire To Live!  E: eileen@eileenhead.com


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