R E L A T I O N S H I P   

P E R S O N A L I T Y   R E A D I N G S



Couples and Singles hire me to Translate and Interpet their personality traits…

Using Scientic Data…So they Can 




  • Do you go to bed at night wondering if your partner really loves you?

  • Has frustrations and resentments built up…contaminating your relationship?

  • Why is it that what your partner does makes absolutely no sense to you at times?

  • Why do they get so irrational over something seems so insignificant to you?

  • Why do they not respond…at least not in the way YOU would like?

  • Do you feel your personality differences are going to break you apart? They often do.!

Imagine if both of you understood what is important to each of you and why…so that you could understand exactly how to respond what feels loving to each other.

In this reading you will identify very specific and accurate information:
  • Each of your personality traits and why you think, feel, act and react…so you can figure out, understand, and relate to each other

  • Strengths and similarities together as a couple…something you might have lost sight of

  • Potential trouble spots and how to overcome them

  • Practises to manage your own patterns,  build connection, and take your love deeper. 

You can book this even if your partner is unwilling to participate at this time… Both your personalities would need to be verified.


Past relationships haven’t worked out? Are you wondering why? Still holding onto the old hurts?

Wonder what patterns you have that might be sabotaging you?

Many clients come to me saying, “I need to figure myself out before I get into another relationship.” Or “I keep attracting the same person over and over again.” Why is that?

 With your Personality Reading you will get a clearer picture of Who Am I”....all the parts of you so that you can create happiness within yourself, thereby attracting healthier relationships.


  • What relationships gifts you bring…and what makes you a great partner

  • What people value in you and your strengths

  • How to lead a happier life…and select a partner who is compatible with you.

Most importantly, how to Become Your Best Self and Get the Life And Love You Desire

A clearer perception of your personality traits leads to confidence, self-acceptance, raised self-esteem and greater ability to find new purpose and fulfillment.

Your reading is based on the Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities. The Enneagram is the Operators Manual and tool kit to create the Life and Love You Are Desiring.

Figure out What’s Not Working and Why in your relationships.

Some of your personality patterns may be keeping you stuck and causing conflict in your relationships.

STOP feeling confused and frustrated…

Empower Yourself to Transform ALL your relationships…Including the One You Have With Yourself.


Customized reading for Singles, Couples, and Career

Eileen will set up an hour’s appointment followed by A digital 25+ page Personality Profile.

FREE Personality Test Included. Verify your personalities so that your customized couple dynamics can be created.

I GUARANTEE you will have insights to Get The Life and Love You Need To Make You Happy.

Your personality/ies must be verified so that you receive clear, specific and accurate information. 

Step 1: Book your Session

Step 2: etransfer $97 to eileen@eileenhead.com

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